ToxBank is organising a course for students on the use of the alternative methods in toxicology: in vitro procedures, databases and software

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23 October 2015, Istituto Mario Negri, Milan, Italy


Overview of the alternative methods addressed

JRC dissemination platforms on advanced and alternative methods

Availability of toxicity data: Overview of the ToxBank data warehouse within the SEURAT-1 project

·       Preparing and uploading information on experiments to the ToxBank data warehouse

·       Searching ToxBank and accessing the related wikis

·       Exporting data and analyzing biological pathways

Use of some computer-based predictive models: theory and practical cases



Glenn Myatt, Leadscope

Annett Janusch-Roi, JRC

Emilio Benfenati, Istituto Mario Negri

Fabiola Pizzo, Istituto Mario Negri


The course is intended to show practical applications, after focussed introduction on the key aspects of the alternative methods. Computers will be available to participants for training.

For registration, please write to Emilio Benfenati: benfenati[at]marionegri[dot]it

Last changed: 08/10/2015