“SEURAT-1 meets Tox21”: international cooperation in safety assessment of chemicals using animal-free methods

For the first time, principal scientists from the two largest research initiatives in the USA (Tox21) and the EU (SEURAT-1) in the field of animal-free safety assessment were brought together for a three-day workshop (25-27 June 2013) to discuss opportunities for cooperation. Hosted by the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre in Ispra (Italy), the event facilitated a detailed exchange of ideas and results covering topics of mutual interest such as human-relevant in vitro methods, ultra-high throughput screening, bioreactors for tissue based testing, chemo-informatics, biophysical modelling for toxicity prediction, and reference chemical selection for system development and validation. Time was also dedicated to discussing efforts underway in developing decision-making frameworks for chemical safety assessment using novel data sources that address different regulatory needs.

For more information, see the official News on the JRC website.