Program for the OpenTox USA 2015 meeting now available

The OpenTox Community and the Organising Committee are pleased to announce the program for the OpenTox USA 2015 meeting which will take place 10-12 Feburary at Johns Hopkins, Baltimore.The goal of the meeting is to discuss and develop important components for driving 21st century approaches to safety assessment forward. The OpenTox Community and the Organising Committee assume that collaboration driven by an open global platform and open standards will be a key success factor. Integrating heterogenous evidence supported by a common knowledge framework and ecosystem of tools and partners will enable practical application, judgements and decisions including industrial application and regulatory acceptance.The program will involve conference sessions and associated hands-on workshops, poster session and knowledge cafes.

The main themes of the meeting are:

  • Data Science, facilitated by Barry Hardy (Douglas Connect)
  • Adverse Outcome Pathways, facilitated by Stephen Edwards (US EPA)
  • Exposure Modelling, facilitated by Tim Pastoor (Syngenta)
  • Integrating Evidence and Analysis, facilitated by Thomas Hartung (Johns Hopkins)
  • Risk Assessment & Management Applications, facilitated by Grace Patlewicz (Du Pont)
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