SEURAT-1 Annual Report

The SEURAT-1 research initiative will publish a series of six Annual Reports. These Annual Reports provide a comprehensive overview about developments ultimately targeting the replacement of animal tests in the field of repeated dose systemic toxicity assessment. The Annual Reports will be made available through the SEURAT-1 secretariat (COACH), in the form of printed books and in the form of electronic files, downloadable from this website.

These books called “Towards the replacement of in vivo repeated dose systemic toxicity testing“, aim to inform policy makers about scientific progress relevant to the implementation of European Directives and Regulations and about essential gaps in knowledge corresponding to research needs. They will in particular contain detailed information about:

  • the scientific progress,
  • the strategic development,
  • the evolution of the legislative and regulatory context,

in the field of repeated dose systemic toxicity testing.

Volume 1 was published in September 2011 and Volume 2 in July 2012. The third Volume has been launched during the SEURAT-1 Stakeholders Event on 5 September and is now available for download!

Note: the books will be sent at the end of each month.