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The projects constituting the SEURAT-1 research initiative have received funding from the European Union Seventh Framework Programme (FP7/2007-2013). The projects constituting the SEURAT-1 research initiative have received financing from Cosmetics Europe.


Use lazar framework for toxicity predictions (In silico, ToxBank)

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The easiest way to use lazar is through the In silico public webinterface (an update to the latest version of our libraries is planned for the next weeks).

GPL licensed source code for the webservices can be downloaded from Github, the blog at helps with the installation process.

Commercial support for lazar can be obtained from In silico toxicology gmbh They offer for example:

  • Lazar software as a service (SaaS): Secure and confidential predictions for individual compounds and compound libraries
  • Virtual appliances with lazar software for in-house/desktop installation
  • Preinstalled and configured servers for the intranet
  • Local installation services
  • Phone and email support (during the installation phase or as a yearly contract)
  • Virtual toxicity screening of compounds and libraries
  • Development of prediction models for new endpoints
  • Scientific programming, contract research and consulting

In silico try to understand the special requirements of each client before making an offer.  For this reason send an email (helma[at]in-silico[dot]ch) with a brief description of your application area, relevant endpoints and technical/legal constraints if you are interested in In silico services.


Last changed: 12/04/2012