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The projects constituting the SEURAT-1 research initiative have received funding from the European Union Seventh Framework Programme (FP7/2007-2013). The projects constituting the SEURAT-1 research initiative have received financing from Cosmetics Europe.


OpenTox USA 2013 meeting - speaker program now available

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OpenTox USA 2013 is organised in collaboration with ToxBank at Hamner Conference Center, North Carolina Biotechnology Center on 29 - 30 October 2013.

The meeting is organised in collaboration with ToxBank and will include SEURAT-1 related presentations from HeMiBio, COSMOS, NOTOX, and ToxBank. Presenters from many other leading US research programs including ToxCast, Tox21, US EPA, NIEHS, NTP, NIH, US FDA, Risk21, Hamner and John Hopkins will join the meeting. The meeting should provide a valuable opportunity to progress transatlantic goals on interoperability and collaboration supporting SEURAT-1 - Tox21 interactions based on concrete activities related to data resource interoperability, open standards, software development, modelling and integrated analysis.

The topics will be: data management, in silico modelling and application development, integrated data analysis, biokinetics, cheminformatics, bioinformatics, weight of evidence, risk assessment. The key issues of extrapolation, kinetics modelling and risk assessment application providing roadblocks to be removed from the path to regulatory acceptance will also be addressed.

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The OpenTox USA 2013 speaker program with abstracts is now available here.

Abstracts for the poster session presentations should be submitted here.

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