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The projects constituting the SEURAT-1 research initiative have received funding from the European Union Seventh Framework Programme (FP7/2007-2013). The projects constituting the SEURAT-1 research initiative have received financing from Cosmetics Europe.


EURL ECVAM is renewing membership of the ECVAM Scientific Advisory Committee (ESAC): call for applications

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The European Union Reference Laboratory for Alternatives to Animal Testing (EURL ECVAM) is renewing membership of its Scientific Advisory Committee (ESAC). ESAC is a key contributor to EURL ECVAM's workflow, notably through providing published ESAC opinions summarising peer review advice on validation studies. ESAC opinions form the basis for issuing formal ECVAM Recommendations, summarising the validity of alternative methods, their limitations and appropriate use.

EURL ECVAM is now launching an Open call for applications for membership in the ESAC. Interested scientists with relevant competences are invited to apply. A Selection Committee composed of EURL ECVAM staff and external scientists will assess all applications for eligibility and will shortlist suitable candidates using defined selection criteria. The Selection Committee may also draw on the reserve lists created after the 2009 call for applications. Experts who are currently on the reserve list of the 2009 call do not need to reapply, unless their competence profile has changed considerably.

All relevant details pursuant to the call can be found on ECVAM's website:

Deadline for applications has been extended to 15th January 2013.



Last changed: 11/30/2012